That’s How We Laugh the Day Away: Emerald City Comic Con 2015

ecccI spent the weekend with my two sisters and thousands of other nerds at Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle. And, though I was slightly wary as I am not in any way a comic book person, I had a great time.

I sat through the Marvel panel and the DC panel and the Bitch Planet panel (that was called something else but I can’t remember – it was about ladies in comics and it really just turned into a celebration of ladies doing cool stuff and was a real highlight of the weekend) even though, like I just said, I’m not a comics person. I feel bad about that sometimes, so I feel I should clarify that it’s not that I look down on comics as a lesser medium. That’s not it at all. I can appreciate just how fantastic the art and the storytelling is, it’s just not a medium that speaks to me. Something about that much art on the page instead of words leaves me disconnected and unfocused. And when it comes to the two major players – I like the stories and the characters, sometimes love the tv shows or the movies that have spawned from them, but I have trouble with following those stories in comic book form. All the reboots and ret-cons and changing histories and bringing characters back from the dead and the alternate universes – all of that makes me crazy. I think I just said this in my last post about The Flash and the introduction of time travel onto the show – I am a linear person.

But that’s all on me. My dislike of comics isn’t that they’re bad. They’re obviously very not. They just don’t work for me.

Anyway. So we went to some comic panels. And got Kelly Sue Deconnick to sign my sister’s Bitch Planet copy. But since this is my tv blog, I’m really only going to mention the tv things I went to.

1. I saw about 20 minutes of Tyler Hoechlin’s panel before having to leave for something else. He just seems so delightful. So genuinely nice and happy. I’m a little ashamed of him for recommending some girl read The Da Vinci Code. Someone needs to point him in the direction of some better books. I mean, I’ll be honest, I totally read The Da Vinci Code when it came out and was thoroughly entertained, but it’s still a pretty trashy book. And when someone asks you publicly for a book recommendation, don’t offer that one. Even if that’s the only book you’ve ever read. Lie.

Like I said, I was only there for about twenty minutes, so I really only saw him answering a few fan questions. No real talk about Teen Wolf itself too much. Which is fine. Despite my deep and profound love for it, Teen Wolf is a pretty trashy show. I was just glad I didn’t have to sit through any awkward questions regarding him no longer being on the show. To be honest, and I don’t mean to hurt anyone’s feelings, I may love Teen Wolf but I don’t often love its fans. They can be super awkward. And a lot of them just hate the show anymore which is annoying. I mean, that’s fine – I’ve broken up with many shows that I loved in the beginning but grew to hate after a few seasons (New Girl and Scandal being some of the most recent examples) – but I do get a little tired of the constant whining.

2. Hayley Atwell is just a delight. She was so gracious and excited and sweet with her fans. I do think maybe they’re blowing up her importance just slightly (just about ever fan question started with thanking her for being such a huge feminist icon for women everywhere in the world to hold dear and okay, let’s not go crazy, guys), but it was cool to see just how many Peggy Carter cosplays there were. She talked a little bit about the direction she’d like to see Season Two go. She’d like to see a little bit more of who Peggy is. How did she get to the states? What’s her family like? Who is she without Captain America? Because even though Steve is gone already during Season One, he’s still a very large presence and a very large part of her story. I do really hope there is a second season. I need more of Hayley Atwell and Peggy Carter on my tv screen.

3. I sat through the Jewel Straite panel because it between Hayley Atwell and Tyler Hoechlin. I am not a fan of Firefly. I’m not really a space person, so it just never interested me. And then I became pretty contrary about it because I get annoyed with some of its fans not letting it die. I mean, I don’t think they need to stop loving it and celebrating it or anything like that. But it’s been over ten years. It’s time to stop complaining about its cancellation. Her panel wasn’t moderated, so it was just her answering fan questions. I actually listened the whole time, and while I did like her, she didn’t change my mind on watching Firefly.

4. Another panel I sat through just to get to the next one was Rachel Skarsten and Emmanuelle Vaugier from Lost Girl. And unlike Firefly, after watching their panel with basically no foreknowledge of the show, I’m pretty sure I’m going to add it to my (ever growing and exhausting) list. They were super funny (aided by their moderator, the super delightful Clare Kramer, also known as Glory from Buffy) and engaging and I was thoroughly entertained throughout their whole panel even without ever having watched the show. Also it stars Kris Holden-Reid who played Will Compton on the first season of the Tudors. Who I loved. To the point where I stopped watching after he died. My sisters only know his character as “my guy who dies of the sweating sickness.” So yeah. Maybe I should start watching Lost Girl.

5. We had some time to kill on Sunday, so we ended up taking in an Archery in pop Culture panel which ended up mostly being about Arrow since it the panel was only two people: one of the writers of the Green Arrow comics and the archery expert on the set of Arrow. They talked a little bit about the different kinds of bows they use on the show. Told us some of the ridiculous things the show runners want Oliver Queen to be able to do. Bemoaned how awful Hawkeye’s archery skills are in the Avengers movies. And I was delighted to find out that Katie Cassidy was the quickest at picking up archery. Has she even shot a bow on screen yet?

6. And finally, the last television related panel I sat through was John Barrowman. I was only there because Anthony Mackie came after him. And then when Anthony Mackie’s panel wasn’t as crowded as I had feared, I was pretty disappointed I’d forced myself to sit through that. I’d never really liked John Barrowman. He exudes an arrogance I find off-putting, a kind of smug “I’m king of the nerds and everyone should bow down to me” personality. So I rolled my eyes throughout most of his panel. And then in the last ten minutes when he threw a celebrity diva hissy fit and berated the volunteer staff in front of a crowd of thousands, calling them unprofessional for doing their jobs of wrapping up his panel in time to get ready for the next one and then threatening to never come back to ECCC – well, that just clinched it for me and my opinion that he’s an asshole was solidified.

It was kind of a bummer that John Barrowman was the second to last panel I went to. Anthony Mackie was wonderful immediately after him, and so gracious and funny and smart – which was a relief after listening to John Barrowman gleefully answer a blushing twelve-year-old girl’s question of who was his favorite co-star to kiss with a head-scratchingly inappropriate answer about making his straight co-stars get erections – but I still left with a sour taste in my mouth.

I’ll get over it eventually though. I’ll rage about it to anyone who asks, but in the end I’ll talk more about the fun things and go back to just rolling my eyes when it comes to him. Everyone else was just wonderful.

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