Top Ten Tuesday: 2015 New Series

Oh my gosh, guys. Tonight’s the night! Tonight with The Mindy Project and The Bastard Executioner, I am officially kicking off the 2015 Fall Season. And I’m so excited!!

I know that some people have already started. Mindy came out early this morning, I think, and some of you are East Coast Time and are watching The Bastard as we speak. Not to mention, I guess some people may have even started last night with a little Dancing With the Stars. Well, whatever you start the season off with, it’s here and I’m pumped.

It may be down to the wire, but here’s my list of the top ten new shows of the fall, counting down to the one I’m most excited for.

10. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Since this is number ten, I think we can safely say this is the one I’m most iffy about. I’m iffy on the name, I’m iffy on the concept, I’m iffy on the main character. I’m just…iffy. To the point where I probably would have written it off entirely had it not been a musical. Because seriously, I love musicals. No joke. I have watched every episode of Glee, of Smash, of Galavant, of Empire. I am on board with any show that wants to do a musical episode (even the super weird Grey’s Anatomy one). I am here for all of it. So I may be iffy about this show. But I’ll give it a shot.

9. The Grinder

Not as iffy as Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, but still up there. The premise is a little contrived for my taste, so I’m curious to see how it will be sustained for more than a season. But, similar to my above love of musicals, my passion for Sam Seaborn and Chris Treagar is going to convince me to always give Rob Lowe a chance.

8. Scream Queens

Probably the last of the ones I’m iffy about. I’m not big on the slasher horror trope and I’m not big on cruel humor so it’s definitely got some strikes against it. But for some reason, every time I see trailers for this, something draws me in. And I can’t quite tell you why. Maybe it’s because it makes me think of Heathers which is one of my favorite movies. Plus I keep reading about how much people loved it. So I guess I’m going for it.

7. Blindspot

While I don’t consider this an “iffy” entry, I’m not entirely sold on the show either. It’s more like it looks like this will be a good show with lots of people who dig, but I’m realistic about the fact that similar things with similar critical reactions have failed to hold my attention in the past. I’m intrigued, that’s for sure. And I like some of the people involved. And I do like a good over-arching mystery. But for me, a major factor in whether I’ll keep coming back is character. And I often struggle with characters on shows like this. It’s the reason I quit both The Blacklist and Wayward Pines. Story and ambiance mean nothing if I don’t care about the characters.

6. Wicked City

I like crime. That’s a weird thing to say probably, but it’s true. Criminal activity, criminal thinking, criminal intrigue – that’s always something I find fascinating. Also serial killers. Totally creepy. But fascinating. So this true crime, sort of period piece has for sure got me on the line. And maybe this is weird, too, but there’s a…slickness to the previews I’ve seen for this show that I am just all about.

5. Quantico

This one has had a lot of good word of mouth which has probably moved it higher up my list than premise alone. Though, let’s be real, the premise is hardly lacking. There’s going to be action and intrigue, but some soapy goodness in there too. It makes me think of a Shonda show. In fact, I had to check after I wrote that to make sure it wasn’t the new Shonda show (but no, that’s something else). There’s something just so very…easy about getting invested in her shows (even Scandal which I had to eventually quit because I just hated every single character and was disgusted by Olivia and Fitz). Invested in the people, in the humor, in the drama. So if that feeling continues from the previews into the actual series, I’ll be in it from day one.

4. Code Black

I’ll admit, this is as high on my list as it is solely because of Marcia Gay Harden. She’s awesome and every character I’ve seen her play is just embodied with this very real gravitas that I’m always floored by. Even when she plays people who make me crazy (like Hannah on last season’s HTGAWM) I’m just riveted by every moment she’s on screen. So, I don’t really need another hospital show. I loved ER. I love Grey’s Anatomy. I don’t care so much about the spin they’re attempting to put on this one (something about the trauma room and not having enough funding?). I’m in this for Marcia.

3. Flesh and Bone

I know this doesn’t actually start until November, but I’m still gonna count it. And I think it might only be a mini series, not a full series. But I’m still gonna count it. Did I ever tell you I used to be a ballerina? I did. So I get excited about dance shows. And dance movies. And dance in general. And while I like other genres, ballet will always be my favorite. So I’m excited. Because it’s my people. From what I understand, it’s also supposed to be a bit creepy and intense and obsessive. I wanted to like Black Swan so much way back when it came out, but it just didn’t work for me. I’m hoping this can take some of that potential and actually let it pay off.

2. The Bastard Executioner

Right up there with ballet and musicals, I am a fan of history. It’s what I eventually got my degree in. So you set your show in a different time period and it’s already got a leg up on anything else. And probably the further back you go, the more interested I am. I’m gonna be honest, that it’s set in Medieval England is really the main draw for me. I didn’t need to really hear anything else about it. I was already on board.


Yep, this is what I’m most excited for. I was excited when it was announced. I was excited through all the casting. I was excited when the preview was released. I’ve managed to not watch the leaked pilot, choosing instead to wait until it’s official October premier. But I am pumped. PUMPEDArrow and The Flash (if you hadn’t already guessed) are two of my favorite shows on right now, so I’m ready for more. More. And with a little added girl power.

So that’s my Fall Season. What’s everyone else looking forward to?

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