The First Cut is the Deepest

I know this is a tv blog, but I just have to take a minute and say the fire alarms at preschool are an absolute drain. When those little munchkins are supposed to down for naptime but instead are barefoot and shivering outside, wailing because a terrifyingly loud noise woke them up, that really puts a special kind of spin on the rest of your day. Especially when the whole time you’re out there, one little girl is clutching onto her crotch, desperate to pee. Thankfully we were let back inside before any accidents happened, but man. It is 6:30 and I am down for the count. I may have just had a day off yesterday, but I am already sorely in need of another.

I don’t know about you, but I spent my Veteran’s Day holed up in my house in my pjs with nothing around me but cocoa, soup, craft projects, and hulu. And it was awesome. I have finally started this season of Arrow. I have caught up with iZombie. And I’ve made my cuts for the season.

It turns out, I have a bit of a problem with letting go. I don’t do it very well. I really struggle with actually breaking up with a show. Half the time, I’ll quit a show halfway through its run – with real, legitimate reasons for not getting enjoyment out of the show – and then like half a season later, that show is back on my catch-up list. And new shows are no different. I make a list before the season starts of all the shows I’m interested in, and then even if I never watch them or watch and don’t like them, there’s this lingering feeling of wanting to try again.

So this season I’m trying to be strong. I made my list and my calendar and got super excited for the new season. I’ve watched new series premieres, I’ve caught up on carry-over shows, I’ve added new favorites to my DVR schedule. And now I’m determined to make a clean break from the shows that didn’t make the cut.

In no particular order, they are as follows.

  1. Blindspot: I know this has gotten a lot of praise, but I wasn’t able to watch the premiere as it aired. And then the next week, I felt no urgency to catch up. Nor did I feel any the next week. Or the week after that. We’re now eight episodes into the season and not once as I’ve searched for something to watch on hulu have I felt any pull towards this show. I knew when I put it on my watch list that I had reservations, but I thought I would at least want to give it a try. But there’s so much else out there, if I’m not excited to even try, I might as well just pass.
  2. Code Black: See above. Seriously, it’s the exact same lack of feeling.
  3. The Muppets: I’m going to preface this by saying I have no issue with the muppets being “edgy” or more “adult.” Believe me, I’ve seen the old Muppet Show and the old muppet movies and they always had adult elements to them. But this felt off in some way. In a big way. I’m not sure exactly what the issue was, but I was checked out within about ten minutes. And Kermit calling Miss Piggy a lunatic was kind of the clincher for me. And I was out.
  4. The Bastard Executioner: I am not squeamish when it comes to violence. Well, I mean that in a general sense. If you tell me something is violent, is kind of bloody and gory, that’s not going to deter me from watching. Certainly there are specifics that freak me out (for example, I really don’t like eyeballs), but as a whole I can deal with violence. You kind of have to be able to when you claim Spartacus as one of your favorite shows. But though I can handle violence, violence is certainly never a draw. And I think you need to be someone where violence and gore is a draw in order to appreciate this show. For me, not one of the characters was interesting, and every scene seemed to be brutal simply for the sake of brutality. And I didn’t need that.
  5. Grandfathered: Innocuous but boring. It’s a good cast (I love Paget Brewster) but there’s just not enough going on for me to get invested. I have far too much on my plate to take up room with boring.
  6. Wicked City: I still think I would like this show from what I’ve heard about it and the previews I’ve seen. And so this cut is more…self preservation than anything else. I wasn’t able to watch the premiere as it aired. But I saw its numbers the next morning. And wow. Yeah, there’s no point in getting attached when clearly it’s not going to be sticking around.

With those cuts, that leaves me with Scream QueensQuanticoSupergirl, and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend as definite additions to my watch-list. I’m still on the fence with The Grinder. It has similar issues as its Grandfathered counterpart, a little too innocuous and boring, but I see the potential more clearly. And Indian Summers and Flesh and Bone are difficult for me to watch due to where and when the air and their lack of streaming and/or on-demand options. So even though I haven’t watched them yet (and let’s be real, Flesh and Bone just started) I’m not cutting them like I did Blindspot and Code Black. It’s an issue of opportunity rather than want.

And that’s it. What new shows made it onto your watch-list?

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