Top Ten Tuesday: 2016 Midseason

Okay! I have made a huge dent in my catch-up queue. And I’ve made an executive decision to hold off on watching the new season of Shameless until I do my full series re-watch later this year (not that you care, but there was just so much negativity surrounding last season and going into this season that it’s actually affecting my enjoyment of the show, so I’m choosing to wait until that all dies down in the off-season). So I’m starting to feel like my watch schedule is back to manageable. Which is good since we’re going into the Midseason, which of course means lots of returning favorites and bran new gems to discover.

I know this is supposed to be a Top TEN Tuesday, but Midseason isn’t quite as big as the Fall. So I’ve only got eight this time. I’m sure you’ll forgive me…

08. London Spy

This show is lowest on my list simply because I keep forgetting about it. Like, I’ll see it name mentioned somewhere and think to myself “Huh, I’ve never heard of that, I should look into it” and then I look it up and remember yes, yes I have heard of it. So despite thinking it sounds good every time I read about it, I immediately forget about it. Which is leading me to keep it low on my list. Maybe that’s not fair, but forgetability makes me cautious.

07. The Family

Low on my list because I don’t know that I’d be at all interested in this show if not for Rupert Graves. Who I love. Passionately. Mostly because of Maurice (seriously, if you’re looking for a somewhat stuffy British Edwardian period piece about gay dudes, this is the movie for you). So I’m iffy on the premise, but I’m giving it a shot.

06. American Crime Story

People either fall into one of two camps when it comes to Ryan Murphey. They either love him or hate him. Me? I actually think I’m part of that rare middle ground. I’ve yet to hate anything he’s done, but there’s been several things I just wasn’t into (you’ll never catch me watching Eat, Pray, Love for example) and several things I’ve just loved (seriously, I was with Glee until the end). This has a great cast and the OJ trial happened when I was young enough to make it almost legendary. So, maybe I’ll only stick around for a season, but at this point color me intrigued.

05. The Catch

Shonda is another like Ryan Murphey who always seems so very devisive, but I land in the middle. I love Grey’s Anatomy but never warmed to Private PracticeHTGAWM is one of the few MUST SEE AS IT AIRS shows I watch, but I actually rage quit Scandal. The premise is intriguing, I like a good bit of the cast, and despite a good deal of pilot re-tooling, I’ve mostly been hearing pretty positive press.

04. Lucifer

Well, I feel about these previews the same way I felt about Wicked City and we all saw how that turned out. I think we as a viewing audience are turning away from the more jaded, cynical, anti-hero trend. Television got a bit saturated with that type of lead character, and Lucifer – even with a slick, charming grin – may run just a little too close. But we’ll see. I want to be charmed.

03. Legends of Tomorrow

My first reaction to hearing about this show was to roll my eyes and declare that I would NOT be watching. I had NO INTEREST in watching anything starring  Ray Palmer who I absolutely cannot stand. But I have gotten pretty attached to Sara. And Snart. And I’m kind of into Hawkgirl (whose name I have just blanked on and don’t feel like looking up). And I do love both Arrow and The Flash. And when he showed up this season, completely separated from the creepy and uncomfortable relationship he had with Felicity, I kind of…enjoyed him a bit. So I’m tentatively excited.

02. Vinyl

The movie Newsies came out when I was seven. We taped it off the Disney Channel. I watched it just about every day for a year. I can still probably recite the entire movie. And Racetrack was my favorite newsie. So Max Casella has always had a special place in my heart. I would be excited about this show anyway (a show about the music industy and it’s a period piece where the time period is almost a character in its own right) but knowing he’s in it just gives me a little boost.

01. Mercy Street

Again with the period pieces. Though I guess the Civil War is a little different that the 70s music scene. I’m super interested in the medical stuff – both the innovation and the brutality. I’m always a sucker for stories families and friends being divided by that Mason Dixon line. I’m stoked for certain members of the cast (Cameron Monaghan and Jack Falahee especially). And I’m sorry, but am I the only one who finds that one particular Civil War era facial hair situation super attractive? You know, the one where you have the side burns all the way down your cheeks then attached to your mustache, but you leave the actual chin clean shaven? No? Just me?

The mid-season’s already getting started. Who else is excited?

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