That’s How We Laugh the Day Away: Emerald City Comic Con 2015

ecccI spent the weekend with my two sisters and thousands of other nerds at Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle. And, though I was slightly wary as I am not in any way a comic book person, I had a great time.

I sat through the Marvel panel and the DC panel and the Bitch Planet panel (that was called something else but I can’t remember – it was about ladies in comics and it really just turned into a celebration of ladies doing cool stuff and was a real highlight of the weekend) even though, like I just said, I’m not a comics person. I feel bad about that sometimes, so I feel I should clarify that it’s not that I look down on comics as a lesser medium. That’s not it at all. I can appreciate just how fantastic the art and the storytelling is, it’s just not a medium that speaks to me. Something about that much art on the page instead of words leaves me disconnected and unfocused. And when it comes to the two major players – I like the stories and the characters, sometimes love the tv shows or the movies that have spawned from them, but I have trouble with following those stories in comic book form. All the reboots and ret-cons and changing histories and bringing characters back from the dead and the alternate universes – all of that makes me crazy. I think I just said this in my last post about The Flash and the introduction of time travel onto the show – I am a linear person.

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