Emmy Nominations First Thoughts

Okay, all the guess work is over. Two days ago Iemmystatuette2 was putting out a list of the top ten (well, technically eleven) performers I felt needed to be recognized by Emmy nominations, but now they’re actually here. And I gotta say, while only half of the people I was rooting for made the cut, I’m still fairly pleased with how things went down.

To be sure, there are still a few nominations that I’m rolling my eyes at: a few long time nominees that are far past their prime and yet stick around forever anyway. And as long as they’re being nominated, I will continue to argue that neither Nurse Jackie nor Shameless is a comedy. Orange is the New Black made the change over to drama and I think it’s time they did as well. But all in all, I’m pretty well contented with how things went down.

But now for the breakdown…

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Top Ten Tuesday: Emmy Noms

emmy-awards-imageOn Thursday, Emmy nominations come out. The Emmy’s are always a fun time for me; they’re a time to look back and think about what really worked on television the previous year, what made me laugh, what made me cry, what made me think and feel and rage. They’re a time for me to roll my eyes as that one show that I’ve never managed to get on board with gets nominated again. And they’re a time for me to scratch my head at some of the more questionable “comedy” entries.

I don’t think the Emmy Awards are necessarily the be all, end all of television accolades. For sure there’s a good amount of politics and campaigning and repeats. I, for one, have always felt that – since unlike any other award, shows and people are being nominated and awarded for the same project or character over and over again – there should b a gap year from winners. Like, if Modern Family wins one year, they should automatically be ineligible the next. Just to spread things around a bit. But I guess that would never happen.

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