Pretty Little Liars: God Help the Sister

Well, that happened.pll prom

I can’t totally say I was all that satisfied with this mid-season finale. And not due to the big reveals (we’ll get to my feelings on that in a second), but instead I just didn’t find this to be a super compelling episode to watch. I’m glad to finally have answers to all the questions we’ve been asking for the past five years, but the episode was such an info dump – starting with the Charles reveal at the 10 minute mark and lasting the whole way through until the second to last commercial break – that I felt the action was pretty stagnate. I feel the episode would have done a lot better had it been paired with last week’s much more action packed episode into a two-hour finale event. As it was, I felt a lot like Judy Geller at the end of that Season Six Friends Thanksgiving episode. You know when Monica tells her Ross got high at college, and Ross tells her Monica’s living with Chandler, and Rachel figures out she wasn’t supposed to put beef in the trifle, and Phoebe loves Jacque Cousteau, and Joey just wants to GO! Well, this was a lot of information to get in 30 seconds.

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