TV Talk: Optimistic Ladies

Yesterday I wrote a post about Brooklyn Nine Nine and mentioned how glad I was to have leslie knopeit in the wake of Parks and Recreation‘s series finale earlier this year. It’s only been off the air for maybe a month or two, and already I miss it. In fact, after the finale I went ahead and re-watched the whole thing, all seven seasons. This is a show that will go down as one of my all-time favorites, with qualities I think will be incredibly difficult to replicate.

Parks had a lot of strong, strong elements going for it, but the thing that stood out for me the most was simply Leslie Knope. To be fair, if you watch the first season – and even a handful of episodes from the beginning of Season Two – Parks, and indeed Leslie Knope herself, got off to a rough start. Coming off The Office, and in fact originally envisioned as and Office spin-off, Leslie Knope started off the series as a female version of Michael Scott, a somewhat out of touch, buffoonish character surrounded by a group of apathethic co-workers who tolerated her at best. Thankfully, that characterization of her was quickly put to rest early in Season Two, and she instead began to emerge as the kind, passionate, driven, and determined woman we all fell in love with.

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