Top Ten Tuesday: 2016 Midseason

Okay! I have made a huge dent in my catch-up queue. And I’ve made an executive decision to hold off on watching the new season of Shameless until I do my full series re-watch later this year (not that you care, but there was just so much negativity surrounding last season and going into this season that it’s actually affecting my enjoyment of the show, so I’m choosing to wait until that all dies down in the off-season). So I’m starting to feel like my watch schedule is back to manageable. Which is good since we’re going into the Midseason, which of course means lots of returning favorites and bran new gems to discover.

I know this is supposed to be a Top TEN Tuesday, but Midseason isn’t quite as big as the Fall. So I’ve only got eight this time. I’m sure you’ll forgive me…

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The Mindy Project: What a Girl Wants

sad mindyAfter getting back from my holiday break last weekend, I checked my Hulu queue and realized that I was behind a combined 50 episodes of all my shows. Seriously guys, what happened to me these last few months? FIFTY EPISODES?? And that doesn’t even include the Supergirl or Jessica Jones episodes I’ve got to finish, since neither of them are on Hulu. (One day, I dream I will have access to ONE streaming program that has EVERYTHING.) So really, it’s more like 60 episodes. I’m out of control.

To start wading through this outrageous backlog, I plunked myself down on Sunday evening after spending the day cleaning (seeing as two weeks of vacation at your parents’ house = coming home to deal with mold in the fridge) and caught up on the last five episodes of The Mindy Project. A small drop in the bucket, to be sure, but it’s a start.

The Mindy Project has been absolutely fascinating to watch this year. I’m not sure if it’s the move to Hulu that facilitated the change, but Mindy has been on quite an evolutionary journey this season, especially when it comes to Mindy’s relationship with Danny. Continue reading

New Years Resolutions

Uh…hello. It’s been…well, a while since I posted. I’m not sure exactly what happened, but my Autumn plans kind of fell apart. And then the holidays came, and I just ended up going on a somewhat unexpected hiatus. No real reason other than I was just busy with other things. But tomorrow is New Years and it’s that time of year to take stock in what you’re doing, figure out what’s important and what’s not, and make plans.

I love making plans.

I just tend to be terrible at following them.

But in the spirit of New Years, I’m making the decision that I like this little blog of mine. I like watching my shows and thinking about them and writing about them. And so I’m going to make some effort in the coming year to make it more of a priority and not something that so easily gets shoved aside for other things.

With that in mind, it’s time for me to make some television plans for the new year: 10 shows that I’m going to watch. Some are shows I’m embarrassed to say I’ve never seen (Breaking Bad, anyone?), some are shows I quit before but want to give a second chance, and some are old favorites that need a re-watch.

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Top Ten Tuesday: a Friendly Thanksgiving

When I think about holiday episodes, I tend to think about Christmas. It’s Christmas where shows tend to go all out with big themed episodes and over the top guest stars and grand Christmas miracles. They’re a good way to cap the end of the first half of a season (of Broadcast television anyway) and send leave you with good tidings, good feelings, and maybe a cliff hanger or two. I know that with the way networks are changing up their lineups – more shows that have limited seasons, more shows that are split into two mini seasons, etc. – mid-season finales are coming earlier in the season and so the Christmas episode may be going a bit by the wayside, but it’s certainly not gone yet.

I always found Friends to be such an anomaly – airing during what is probably the heyday for big very special Christmas episodes – because of how minimally they dealt with Christmas. I mean, yeah, occasionally you got episodes like the one where Ross dressed up like the Holiday Armadillo, but more often than not Christmas was an after thought. Hell, the Season 9 Christmas episode was a clip show. Instead, Friends‘ big holiday was Thanksgiving.

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The First Cut is the Deepest

I know this is a tv blog, but I just have to take a minute and say the fire alarms at preschool are an absolute drain. When those little munchkins are supposed to down for naptime but instead are barefoot and shivering outside, wailing because a terrifyingly loud noise woke them up, that really puts a special kind of spin on the rest of your day. Especially when the whole time you’re out there, one little girl is clutching onto her crotch, desperate to pee. Thankfully we were let back inside before any accidents happened, but man. It is 6:30 and I am down for the count. I may have just had a day off yesterday, but I am already sorely in need of another.

I don’t know about you, but I spent my Veteran’s Day holed up in my house in my pjs with nothing around me but cocoa, soup, craft projects, and hulu. And it was awesome. I have finally started this season of Arrow. I have caught up with iZombie. And I’ve made my cuts for the season.

It turns out, I have a bit of a problem with letting go. I don’t do it very well. I really struggle with actually breaking up with a show. Half the time, I’ll quit a show halfway through its run – with real, legitimate reasons for not getting enjoyment out of the show – and then like half a season later, that show is back on my catch-up list. And new shows are no different. I make a list before the season starts of all the shows I’m interested in, and then even if I never watch them or watch and don’t like them, there’s this lingering feeling of wanting to try again.

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Jane the Virgin: Strong Enough to Bear the Children

I often think of television as being in two different categories. On the onevillanuevas hand, there are the shows that invite a lot of conversation, a lot of examination and analysis. There’s a depth and substance ti the stories and characters that just makes me want to talk about them. And on the other hand, I have what I refer to as my happy shows.

Just to be clear, this distinction is in no way an indication of the worth of a show. Plenty of shows that make me frantic to tear them apart and process every detail are far from what you’d call high brow entertainment. And plenty of the more fluffy, happiness laden shows that give me no deep thoughts but instead simply fill me with warm joy are television shows of the absolute highest caliber. There’s good an bad, quality and trash, on both sides. And both serve a pretty distinct and important purpose for me.

For most of its Season One run, Jane the Virgin was in that second category. It was frothy and funny, optimistic and sentimental, and I loved every minute of it. The narrator is hilariously witty, the characters are engaging and easy to root for (okay, with maybe the exception of the diabolical Petra), and the story lines are all equal parts hysterical, exciting, and heartwarming. At this point, Jane the Virgin is probably my Number One Happy TV tv show currently on the air.

And then last night’s episode made me think!

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AHS Hotel: Show Me Your Teeth

hotelOn Wednesday night, I made a mistake. I made a mistake and I decided to watch the new premiere of American Horror Story as it aired, right before going to bed. Mistake. I ended up having to watch an old episode of The Vicar of Dibly (the most delightfully inoffensive, weird little British show imaginable) in order to cleanse my palate and be able to close my eyes without seeing that one guy whose eyes and tongue had been cut out. Body mutilation like that is definitely not my thing and I had some trouble getting passed it.

There is a little part of me that’s cringing that I’m watching this season. Seeing as I’ve actually never seen any of the earlier seasons. I keep meaning to, but never get to it. And since it’s such an anthology series (and I’ve loved Matt Bomer since he was Bryce Larkin on Chuck) I finally decided to dive in in the middle and give it a go. But it still hurts my heart a little when I really think about it.

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