Leverage Rewatch: A Very Distinctive Man

It’s funny, I wasn’t planning on doing a complete rewatch of Leverage any time soon, and eliot spenceryet here we are. I actually have a kind of schedule (because I am a majorly too organized dork) of what I’m watching, catching up on, or starting over and Leverage was not on that list for a while. But I guess a couple of weeks ago I needed something to put on while I folded laundry or something like that and one thing led to another. It screwed up my whole schedule, but it’s such a good show that I guess I can forgive it. Not to mention it gave me an opportunity to reorganize my viewing calendar and I like planning things.

Like I said, I’m a giant dork.

The thing about rewatching great shows is it’s always such a treat to discover something new about a thing you already love. Maybe there’s a character that never really stood out to you before or a piece of the puzzle that just all of a sudden clicks with you. There’s always something you missed.

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Top Ten Tuesday: Black History Month

February is Black History Month. And as it’s winding down, I wanted to take the time recognize some of my favorite black characters, past and present, in television.

Diversity, in all its forms, is something that should be recognized and celebrated, and is a virtue that television is still struggling with. But I have faith that it’s working in the right direction. This season on broadcast tv alone saw the introduction of How to Get Away With MurderEmpireBlack-ishJane the Virgin, and most recently Fresh off the Boat – all programs that predominantly star and celebrate people of color. All five of these shows have done well both critically and commercially, and not just with niche audiences made up of the people the shows represent. More is needed. More is definitely needed. But strides are being made.

So please join me in celebrating just a small portion of black excellence in television.

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