Season Wrap Up: The Flash Season One

flash teamI have no idea why this post has taken me so long to write, but it has. Seriously, a few sentences of this has been sitting in my drafts folder for about ten days now. Every time I go to work on it, I get distracted by something else. WHAT IS MY PROBLEM?

Despite my week of laziness, I have finally forced myself to sit down and get this out. Because soon it’s going to be sadly un-topical.

So here we go! A few weeks ago, I took some time to round up my feelings on the third season of Arrow, both the good and the not so good. Today we’re going to (finally) look at Arrow‘s little brother, The Flash.

Personally, I felt this was a pretty strong debut.

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The Flash: Going Rogue

When we’re getting down this close to the wire, it’s a real bummer when an hour of tv just flash, arrow, firestormdoesn’t seem to work. And this was one of them. Coming off of Grodd last week, not to mention the high stakes of Arrow’s penultimate episode last week, Rogue Air ended up being a bit of a let down. The second to last episode should really feed into the stakes of the finale. There should be some buildup of expectations and anticipation. Instead, I found this episode severely lacking in buildup, and in fact mostly out of place in the story we’ve been telling and the climax we’ve been working towards.

It certainly wasn’t all bad. There were moments that were great. Certain things got addressed that I have been wanting addressed for most of the season, so that’s good. But I just didn’t get a good set up for the finale. But let’s break it down.

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The Flash: Secret’s Out!

She knows!

Crazy For YouAnd thank God, guys. Seriously, after the reveal last week was less a reveal and more of a guess, I was really concerned we were going to spend a portion of the episode with Iris trying to trap Barry into revealing himself and Barry spending the whole time skirting the issue and lying even more. Instead, we only got one little scene of that madness before Iris pulled on her ‘I mean business’ pants and confronted him head on – at Star Labs, still wearing his suit and everything – with no means to escape or evade her.

It’s funny, a few weeks ago when I was discussing why keeping Iris in the dark was ridiculous, I was pretty on board with her taking a page out of Captain Lance’s book and getting super pissed. She deserves to be super pissed. Her father, her boyfriend, her best friend – everyone who is important to her is not only lying to her, but more importantly infantilizing her. Iris West is a grown woman who gets to make her own decisions and take care of herself. She doesn’t need three different men to coddle her and sugar coat life for her. But even though I was spitting fire on her behalf, I actually like the way things played out even more.

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The Flash: Time After Time

640_flash_ciscoSo, I totally freaked out my sister Tuesday night while watching The Flash. See, she has an art class that she goes to in the evenings and as she was getting home about five to nine, keys jangling in the lock, all she could hear from inside our apartment is me screaming “Oh my God, no!” In a bit of panic, she charged in the door yelling back at me “Are you being murdered!?”

I wasn’t being murdered. But poor, sweet Cisco Ramon was.

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