Spartacus Rewatch: Becoming the Monster

spartacusWhen Spartacus got released on Netflix a few months ago, I absolutely devoured it. Seriously, I took all four seasons and was finished in just a few days. The last season I watched in basically one sitting, not finishing until close to 5am. I loved it. So much so that I pretty much immediately forced my sister to sit through my rewatch so I could have someone to obsess over it with. Sadly, she doesn’t live with me, so we were forced to marathon a few episodes at a time with weeks in between. So it took a little while to get through.

Truth be told, I think taking it a little slow the second time around was a good thing. It allowed for some breathing room, some thoughts and feelings to finish percolating. And having someone else watching with me, and someone who often has vastly different tastes when it comes to favorites (she does not share my love for Agron), gave me an opportunity to talk through some things. Particularly, we talked a lot about Season Four and how completely different it was from the rest of the series, and how absolutely necessary that was for the show to end in any kind of satisfying way while still holding on to its historical accuracy.

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