Community: The Annie of It All

5X3_Jeff_and_Annie_huggingI don’t know if I’ve said this yet on this blog, but here goes. I absolutely loathe the idea of endgame couples. I hate that word, I hate that idea, I hate people who use that word to win arguments over which ship is better. I hate it. It makes my skin crawl.

Part of that stems from the fact that I don’t like the idea of soul mates, in real life or in fiction. I’m firmly on the side of choice. Of waking up every day and choosing to be in this relationship. Of working at it. Of knowing that love is not enough, and that sometimes things fall apart even if you’re so right for each other. And of knowing that one failed love isn’t the end of the world. I guess that’s what really gets me about soulmates. Sure, on one hand its nice to think there’s one perfect person out there for you, but on the other hand there’s far too much room for error.

And that’s true of the television world as well. There’s far too much room for error when it comes to crafting a soulmate love story.

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Community Rewatch: Gimme Zombies After Midnight

I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned this, but I communityzombies1am a chronological girl. I have a very hard time with stories with weird timelines and I can’t do anything out of order. So if I want to reread the third Harry Potter or I’m going to dive back into Grey’s Anatomy after quitting in Season 7, I have to start at the beginning. I tell anybody I recommend Parks and Recreation to that they have to just get through Season One before they get to an excellent show, and I still make myself sit through it whenever I go to rewatch the show myself. And I will never be someone who watches Dr. Who since it’s virtually impossible to watch it all from the beginning.

But there are a few exceptions to this rule. I think there are a handful of shows, each with one magical episode that I will watch on its own at any time. How I Met Your Mother‘s “Slap Bet” is one of them. “The One With the Embryos” from Friends is another. “American Duos” from Psych. That one episode on Bones where Max is on trial. Glee‘s “Blame it on the Alcohol.” And from Community, it’s “Epidemiology.”

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Top Ten Tuesday: Couples

Maybe I’m a week late since Valentine’s Day has just passed, but I thought on this inaugural edition of Top Ten Tuesdays I would start be spreading some love.

No matter what your favorite show is about – be it prison, family, superheroes, high school, or cops – someone, somewhere is falling in love. There’s no hiding from it. There’s no use telling a story without it in there somewhere. So let’s celebrate it.

Today’s list features my Top Ten Couples: canonical love stories featured on shows that have yet to reach their series finale. Not all these couples are currently together – in fact one hasn’t even managed to get themselves together yet, though their feelings for one another are definitely clear – but they’ve made a mark on their respective shows.

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