Leverage Rewatch: A Very Distinctive Man

It’s funny, I wasn’t planning on doing a complete rewatch of Leverage any time soon, and eliot spenceryet here we are. I actually have a kind of schedule (because I am a majorly too organized dork) of what I’m watching, catching up on, or starting over and Leverage was not on that list for a while. But I guess a couple of weeks ago I needed something to put on while I folded laundry or something like that and one thing led to another. It screwed up my whole schedule, but it’s such a good show that I guess I can forgive it. Not to mention it gave me an opportunity to reorganize my viewing calendar and I like planning things.

Like I said, I’m a giant dork.

The thing about rewatching great shows is it’s always such a treat to discover something new about a thing you already love. Maybe there’s a character that never really stood out to you before or a piece of the puzzle that just all of a sudden clicks with you. There’s always something you missed.

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