Season Wrap Up: The Flash Season One

flash teamI have no idea why this post has taken me so long to write, but it has. Seriously, a few sentences of this has been sitting in my drafts folder for about ten days now. Every time I go to work on it, I get distracted by something else. WHAT IS MY PROBLEM?

Despite my week of laziness, I have finally forced myself to sit down and get this out. Because soon it’s going to be sadly un-topical.

So here we go! A few weeks ago, I took some time to round up my feelings on the third season of Arrow, both the good and the not so good. Today we’re going to (finally) look at Arrow‘s little brother, The Flash.

Personally, I felt this was a pretty strong debut.

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Season Wrap Up: Arrow Season 3

Well, if nothing else, Season 3 was certainly arrow-season-3-postersomething. Was it something I was always wild about? Maybe not. Definitely not. But it happened. Good things happened. Good character development and story telling, and while there was definitely moments of over reaching or clunky side lines, I’m certainly not going anywhere come Season Four. So let’s break it down. Take a look at Season Three and talk about what worked, what didn’t work, what were good choices, what were not so good choices. And then let’s talk about what’s to come.

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The Flash: Going Rogue

When we’re getting down this close to the wire, it’s a real bummer when an hour of tv just flash, arrow, firestormdoesn’t seem to work. And this was one of them. Coming off of Grodd last week, not to mention the high stakes of Arrow’s penultimate episode last week, Rogue Air ended up being a bit of a let down. The second to last episode should really feed into the stakes of the finale. There should be some buildup of expectations and anticipation. Instead, I found this episode severely lacking in buildup, and in fact mostly out of place in the story we’ve been telling and the climax we’ve been working towards.

It certainly wasn’t all bad. There were moments that were great. Certain things got addressed that I have been wanting addressed for most of the season, so that’s good. But I just didn’t get a good set up for the finale. But let’s break it down.

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The Flash: Secrets Don’t Make Friends

I don’t think this could have been a more awkward dinner if they tried.Barry_Allen_Grant_Gustin_Felicity_Smoak_Emily_Bett_Rickards_Ray_Palmer_Brandon_Routh_Eddie_Thawne_Rick_Cosnett_and_Iris_West_Candice_Patton

So. Secrets! Secrets, an integral part of any good superhero story. And always, always, forever always, something that comes back to bite said superhero in the ass at some point in the game.

Over these past few episodes since Eddie found out the truth about Barry, I’ve been giving Barry Allen’s secret a lot of thought. I’ve been thinking about who he’s told, why he’s told them, how they’ve found out. I’ve been thinking about those who know his secret and what they think of it. I’ve been thinking about the way the story of his secret identity has been playing out. And I’ve been thinking about it in contrast to Oliver Queen’s Arrow.

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Arrow: A Lance-ing Blow

Oh, Captain Lance. Captain Lance, Captain Lance. Quentin_LanceYessir, I am shaking my head at you.

It’s been hard, these past few episode since Captain Lance found out the truth about Sara, to watch him spiral back into the man we we were first introduced to. He was a man without compassion, one who was consumed by his own grief and helplessness. His rage was cruel and vindictive, placing blame for his loss where it wasn’t deserved. But he seemed to have come a long way since then.

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The Flash: Crime and Just Punishment

I’m going to admit something here. I have a bit of a thing for snarky little asshThe_Flash_promo_poster_-_Discover_what_makes_a_herooles. Especially ones that start out as villains but eventually show that vicious tongue to be masking a world of hurt. So I will admit that I was first interested in The Flash solely because I loved Sebastian Smythe on Glee. And then The Flash gave me that final push to watch Arrow which originally peaked my interest due to my deep love for Jackson Whittmore on Teen Wolf.

See what I mean? Assholes.

But let me be clear that those two are hardly the only selling points for either show (regardless of the fact that Roy Harper is my favorite from either series). Both shows have a lot of strong things going for them: good characters, funny moments, a lot of heart. And it’s good that The Flash isn’t just a carbon copy of Arrow. It has a decidedly lighter tone. It’s more goofy, more hopeful. There are no wrongs Barry is making up for; he’s not on a redemption quest. And because of that, there are moments of pure joy that aren’t really a part of Arrow.

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