New Years Resolutions

Uh…hello. It’s been…well, a while since I posted. I’m not sure exactly what happened, but my Autumn plans kind of fell apart. And then the holidays came, and I just ended up going on a somewhat unexpected hiatus. No real reason other than I was just busy with other things. But tomorrow is New Years and it’s that time of year to take stock in what you’re doing, figure out what’s important and what’s not, and make plans.

I love making plans.

I just tend to be terrible at following them.

But in the spirit of New Years, I’m making the decision that I like this little blog of mine. I like watching my shows and thinking about them and writing about them. And so I’m going to make some effort in the coming year to make it more of a priority and not something that so easily gets shoved aside for other things.

With that in mind, it’s time for me to make some television plans for the new year: 10 shows that I’m going to watch. Some are shows I’m embarrassed to say I’ve never seen (Breaking Bad, anyone?), some are shows I quit before but want to give a second chance, and some are old favorites that need a re-watch.

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Pretty Little Liars: God Help the Sister

Well, that happened.pll prom

I can’t totally say I was all that satisfied with this mid-season finale. And not due to the big reveals (we’ll get to my feelings on that in a second), but instead I just didn’t find this to be a super compelling episode to watch. I’m glad to finally have answers to all the questions we’ve been asking for the past five years, but the episode was such an info dump – starting with the Charles reveal at the 10 minute mark and lasting the whole way through until the second to last commercial break – that I felt the action was pretty stagnate. I feel the episode would have done a lot better had it been paired with last week’s much more action packed episode into a two-hour finale event. As it was, I felt a lot like Judy Geller at the end of that Season Six Friends Thanksgiving episode. You know when Monica tells her Ross got high at college, and Ross tells her Monica’s living with Chandler, and Rachel figures out she wasn’t supposed to put beef in the trifle, and Phoebe loves Jacque Cousteau, and Joey just wants to GO! Well, this was a lot of information to get in 30 seconds.

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Pretty Little Liars: It’s so Hard to Move On

Pretty Little Liars continues to be one of those hanna and ashleyshows I overlook. I don’t mean for that to be true, but it is. I so often dismiss it in my mind as a simple guilty pleasure, but then I’ll watch it and be blown away by its depiction of the spectrum of female sexuality, for example, or the complexities of female friendship or the difficulties that come with having a troubled relationship with the truth. At this point, well into Season Six, I should stop being surprised when Pretty Little Liars does something so well.

For the past few weeks, since their escape from Charles’ Dollhouse, our four liars have been spending their time doing what they can to recover from their trauma. And I gotta say, with every episode that passes, I am becoming more and more fascinated with the detailed complexity with which this show is dealing with this issue. Trauma doesn’t affect everyone the same, even when you’ve been through the same things, and behaviors exhibited by the girls have been varied and nuanced, tailored to each individual’s personality and constitution. And while I’m certainly eager to untangle more of the mystery (this is the Summer of Answers after all!), it’s these character developments that are keeping me riveted.

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Pretty Little Liars: Put on Your Doll Faces

Whew! Well, that’s certainly one way to start off a season. Pretty Little Liars has certainly had its share of hair-rising, adrenaline filled episodes, but last night’s Season Six premier was especially harrowing. The liars (plus Mona), having spent the Season Five finale trapped in A’s living dollhouse before making one giant desperate bid for freedom, find themselves to be just as trapped as ever. Instead of open woods to lose themselves in, the girls are enclosed by an electric fence, still fully in the clutches of A (now known as Charles). Angered by their disobedience, Charles leaves them outside overnight and throughout the whole of the next day – to the point where the girls are so thirsty they start talking about the merits of drinking their own urine. Thankfully before that nastiness can take place, Charles forgives their transgressions enough to allow them back inside where they may be at his mercy, but at least they’ll be fed and sheltered from the cold. It’s a tough decision, but it seems to be the lesser of two evils.

Except, maybe it’s not.

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Top Ten Tuesday: Couples

Maybe I’m a week late since Valentine’s Day has just passed, but I thought on this inaugural edition of Top Ten Tuesdays I would start be spreading some love.

No matter what your favorite show is about – be it prison, family, superheroes, high school, or cops – someone, somewhere is falling in love. There’s no hiding from it. There’s no use telling a story without it in there somewhere. So let’s celebrate it.

Today’s list features my Top Ten Couples: canonical love stories featured on shows that have yet to reach their series finale. Not all these couples are currently together – in fact one hasn’t even managed to get themselves together yet, though their feelings for one another are definitely clear – but they’ve made a mark on their respective shows.

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