Once Upon a Time: Dark Swan Rises

the dark oneSeason Four of Once Upon a Time was a low point for me. After absolutely loving the twists of Season Three – loving our time spent in both Neverland and Oz – I was pretty disappointed with how things continued. The Frozen arc was okay, but coming just so quickly on the heels of the movie – and adhering to so much of it when it came to characters and costumes – left it lacking in authenticity. So much of it just came across as forced and false and I could just never get over that. And then the whole Author things and the fact that everyone lost all of their agency and none of their actions were theirs anymore just…I didn’t like it. I didn’t like it and it left a bad taste in my mouth and I wasn’t all that excited for the start of the new season. There were a few things that were intriguing, I guess, and I was certainly going to keep watching, but I was far from excited.

And with just one episode, all that changed. Season Four has been forgotten and I’m pretty pumped.

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Once Upon a Time: At Story’s End

Whew! That series finale certainly was something, and finished up with an ending I truly wasn’t expecting. heroes and villainsWhich I find pretty exciting. I know I’ve been a little down on this season – specifically the back half with The Author’s story line – but I really do like this show. And I’m excited that the season finale has left me excited for what’s to come.

When it came to Rumpelstiltskin’s alternate universe, I had some quibbles. Namely, I don’t think any of it actually counted as villains getting their happy ending while heroes suffered. I mean, I guess Rumpelstiltskin was happy with Belle and their child, but he wasn’t Rumpelstiltskin anymore, not really. I would have thought “villains getting their happy ending” would have meant that they would still be villains when they got their happiness. That Rumpelstiltskin’s happiness would have been all the power he craved and Belle by his side. That Zelena would want to know that she was destroying the happiness of her sister by marrying her love. Instead, we’re still reinforcing that villains can’t be happy.

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Once Upon a Time: Ask for Permission, not Forgiveness

Do you ever watch something – a movie, or a tv OUAT_418_RobinHood_Robin_Zelena_kissseries, or read a book – and suddenly you’re seeing patterns and themes that you’re not sure were the intention of the authors? Because that’s how I’m feeling about Once Upon a Time this season. Especially after this past episode. So much of Season 4B has been positioned as this look at darkness and light, good and evil, heroes and villains. And if you read my last episode reaction, you’ll know the problems I’ve been having buying into those themes.

No, instead – and like I said, especially in light of this most recent episode – what I’ve really been getting out of this season is questions and issues of consent.

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Top Ten Tuesday: Couples

Maybe I’m a week late since Valentine’s Day has just passed, but I thought on this inaugural edition of Top Ten Tuesdays I would start be spreading some love.

No matter what your favorite show is about – be it prison, family, superheroes, high school, or cops – someone, somewhere is falling in love. There’s no hiding from it. There’s no use telling a story without it in there somewhere. So let’s celebrate it.

Today’s list features my Top Ten Couples: canonical love stories featured on shows that have yet to reach their series finale. Not all these couples are currently together – in fact one hasn’t even managed to get themselves together yet, though their feelings for one another are definitely clear – but they’ve made a mark on their respective shows.

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