Once Upon a Time: Ask for Permission, not Forgiveness

Do you ever watch something – a movie, or a tv OUAT_418_RobinHood_Robin_Zelena_kissseries, or read a book – and suddenly you’re seeing patterns and themes that you’re not sure were the intention of the authors? Because that’s how I’m feeling about Once Upon a Time this season. Especially after this past episode. So much of Season 4B has been positioned as this look at darkness and light, good and evil, heroes and villains. And if you read my last episode reaction, you’ll know the problems I’ve been having buying into those themes.

No, instead – and like I said, especially in light of this most recent episode – what I’ve really been getting out of this season is questions and issues of consent.

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Top Ten Tuesday: Couples

Maybe I’m a week late since Valentine’s Day has just passed, but I thought on this inaugural edition of Top Ten Tuesdays I would start be spreading some love.

No matter what your favorite show is about – be it prison, family, superheroes, high school, or cops – someone, somewhere is falling in love. There’s no hiding from it. There’s no use telling a story without it in there somewhere. So let’s celebrate it.

Today’s list features my Top Ten Couples: canonical love stories featured on shows that have yet to reach their series finale. Not all these couples are currently together – in fact one hasn’t even managed to get themselves together yet, though their feelings for one another are definitely clear – but they’ve made a mark on their respective shows.

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