Agent Carter: Black Widow Baby

So, who here is excited about tomorrow night’s Dottieshowdown between one Ms. Peggy Carter, SSR Agent, and Black Widow Dottie Underwood?

Let me just go ahead and answer my own question. I am.

I have enjoyed Agent Carter from the get go; I found it smart, funny, exciting, and sometimes truly heartfelt. I applaud the sharp feminist slant, how the show doesn’t shy away from a wide array of misogyny. It’s not simply shown in grotesque, caricatures of monstrous men – such as the auto-mat patron who harasses Angie – that anyone could pick up on. It’s not simply her boss, Chief Dooley, or one or two sexist Agents, like Thompson or Krzeminski. No, it’s also Howard Stark the womanizer. It’s Agent Sousa who idolizes Peggy yet can then so easily despise her when he thinks she’s betrayed them. And it’s even Mrs. Fry, the woman who runs the hotel for ladies: ladies who only work until they find themselves a husband, ladies who are given a curfew and community meals, and ladies who must preserve their modesty and dignity with no men allowed above the first floor. Sexism and misogyny (and, to make an analogy, racism, able-ism, homophobia, etc.) are not traits unique to monsters.

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