Top Ten Tuesday: Glee Songs

Glee is ending this Friday, and I promise that I will chill when it’s over and will stop talking about it. Well…probably not.

Now, I want to make it very clear that I am in no way unemployed with a lot of free time between job hunting and interviews, and therefor absolutely did not spend the better part of two days putting together the ultimate list of all the Glee songs ever released in order from best to worst. And then I would like to point out that I did not decide half way though that I was going about that task in a bad way, and so absolutely did not start over. Absolutely not. Because that would be crazy.

I’ve seen a lot of these lists going around the past few days, and they’ll probably keep coming as the show finally winds down. It’s definitely funny seeing just how differently people viewed the show. There are some standards that everybody loves, but there are songs that people list as the best that I don’t even remember happened and songs that people list as the worst that for some reason have stuck themselves in me and won’t let go. I mean, Glee sang over 700 songs, of course there’s going to be a little difference of opinion.

So here you go. 10 of my favorite Glee numbers, one from each of the show’s six seasons with four extras thrown in for good measure. And I refuse to put any of the renditions of either “Don’t Stop Believing” or “Don’t Rain on My Parade” on this list, because – as wonderful as they are – everyone is tired of hearing about those two songs.

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Top Ten Tuesday: Couples

Maybe I’m a week late since Valentine’s Day has just passed, but I thought on this inaugural edition of Top Ten Tuesdays I would start be spreading some love.

No matter what your favorite show is about – be it prison, family, superheroes, high school, or cops – someone, somewhere is falling in love. There’s no hiding from it. There’s no use telling a story without it in there somewhere. So let’s celebrate it.

Today’s list features my Top Ten Couples: canonical love stories featured on shows that have yet to reach their series finale. Not all these couples are currently together – in fact one hasn’t even managed to get themselves together yet, though their feelings for one another are definitely clear – but they’ve made a mark on their respective shows.

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