Top Ten Tuesday: Glee Songs

Glee is ending this Friday, and I promise that I will chill when it’s over and will stop talking about it. Well…probably not.

Now, I want to make it very clear that I am in no way unemployed with a lot of free time between job hunting and interviews, and therefor absolutely did not spend the better part of two days putting together the ultimate list of all the Glee songs ever released in order from best to worst. And then I would like to point out that I did not decide half way though that I was going about that task in a bad way, and so absolutely did not start over. Absolutely not. Because that would be crazy.

I’ve seen a lot of these lists going around the past few days, and they’ll probably keep coming as the show finally winds down. It’s definitely funny seeing just how differently people viewed the show. There are some standards that everybody loves, but there are songs that people list as the best that I don’t even remember happened and songs that people list as the worst that for some reason have stuck themselves in me and won’t let go. I mean, Glee sang over 700 songs, of course there’s going to be a little difference of opinion.

So here you go. 10 of my favorite Glee numbers, one from each of the show’s six seasons with four extras thrown in for good measure. And I refuse to put any of the renditions of either “Don’t Stop Believing” or “Don’t Rain on My Parade” on this list, because – as wonderful as they are – everyone is tired of hearing about those two songs.

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Top Ten Tuesday: Ladies Night

This past Sunday was International Women’s Day (and also, my birthday which is almost as important). So for this week’s Top Ten Tuesday, we’re going to celebrate women. I realize that there’s absolutely no way to make a comprehensive list of awesome women and awesome female moments and relationships with just ten measly entries, so take this list as a jumping off point. This is a mere smattering of great characters and great shows, but it’s ten moments that have stuck with me: ten moments of women standing up for themselves, of women supporting other women, of women fighting for their families, and of women loving themselves. Enjoy the clips.

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Top Ten Tuesday: Black History Month

February is Black History Month. And as it’s winding down, I wanted to take the time recognize some of my favorite black characters, past and present, in television.

Diversity, in all its forms, is something that should be recognized and celebrated, and is a virtue that television is still struggling with. But I have faith that it’s working in the right direction. This season on broadcast tv alone saw the introduction of How to Get Away With MurderEmpireBlack-ishJane the Virgin, and most recently Fresh off the Boat – all programs that predominantly star and celebrate people of color. All five of these shows have done well both critically and commercially, and not just with niche audiences made up of the people the shows represent. More is needed. More is definitely needed. But strides are being made.

So please join me in celebrating just a small portion of black excellence in television.

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