HTGAWM: Can’t We Leave it All Behind

I was sick for most of last week. Like, get sent home sick from work and staydead rebecca home even without accrued sick time, sick. And let me tell you just how much that sucked. First off, no one likes being sick. Second, no one likes staying home when they’re not getting paid for it. And last, no one like having all their glorious plans totally and completely disrupted. By fevers and phlegm. No one.

Alas, that is what happened to me last week and I’m just now getting back to my usual speed. But last week was just such a bad week for this to happen! It was the first full week of the new tv season. I’ve done absolutely none of my pilot reviews. I haven’t even watched Empire or Quantico yet. I am just so, so behind. I guess this week I’ll be doing some major catch-up.

But let me just tell you. Come Hell or high water, I was gonna be there for the season premiere of How to Get Away With Murder. And it did not disappoint.

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HTGAWM: Who’s Guilty?

htgawmI think I can safely say that How to Get Away with Murder is my favorite new network show of the 2014-15 season. And that’s saying something. There have been a lot of good ones: The FlashJane the VirginAgent Carter, etc. But this is the one that I have made sure to park myself on the couch for as many Thursday nights as I can. The others I don’t mind using Hulu to catch up (and in fact I’m five episode behind on Jane), but I get crazy if I’m not right on top of HTGAWM.

Last week was the first episode back after the winter finale where we finally saw the events of Murder Night. And I have to say, I’m loving the aftermath. Yes, not a ton happened in the episode itself other than charges being dropped against Rebecca and Lila’s baby being confirmed as Sam’s child. Otherwise, we just spent an hour seeing the characters, specifically the five murderers, unspool.

It was delicious.

Connor especially seems to not be handling the situation well, what with him constantly shielding himself from the world in his blanket burrito. He was the most suave of the five, the most secure and put-together pre-Murder Night, that it’s a revelation to see him unravel this far this fast.

But as much fun as it is to just take the episode as a fascinating character study, I want to talk about the very end of the episode. Professor Keating’s exam.

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